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Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès



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My research is on the Aksumite archaeology with special focus on documentation and preservation of archaeological sites and the landscape, monuments, and movable heritage objects. It tries to see the state of documentation and preservation of the archaeological sites and monuments in Aksum since their first record with description and illustration as well as photograph in 1893 and also based on literary descirption by ancient travelers and missionaries since AD 1520; examines the condition of those movable heritage objects from Aksum archaeological sites which are currently staffed in the Aksum Archaeoloigcal Museum and National Museum of Ethiopia (Addis Abeba).

Activités / CV

- Briefing the literary documentation of Aksum and its antiqities by ancient travellers and visitors inoder to see what is missing after the documentation, what needs to be searched in the future and what needs to be preserved

- The examination of previous archaeological excavations at Aksum and its vicity: the objective of this topic is to identify what, where, when and by whom has a site been excavated, and then look into depth to which the sites have been excavated, the discoveries from such sites, and evaluate the state of documentation and and current state of each site interms of preservation

- Outline the changes underwent on the town of Aksum and its antiquities since ancient times based on the ancient documents as well as twentieth century excavtions. By this the research will try to identify the human and natural factors for the chnages on the heritage of Aksum and forward solutions

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