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Behailu Habte ENDALEW



Laboratoire TRACES UMR5608 Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès Maison de la Recherche 5, allée Antonio MACHADO 31058 Toulouse Cedex 9



Thèmes de recherche

Later Stone Age (LSA) culture in Ethiopia and the Horn is less explored archaeological period compared to its antecede Early and Middle Stone Ages. Based on the present knowledge we have, the earliest well dated Later Stone Age bladelet production dated to ~33 ka has come from DW1 site along the Bulbula River of the Main Ethiopian Rift. However, the time for the beginning and gradual ending of LSA is not well known from this region of Africa. Therefore, my research goal is to explore the lithic production trajectories of the period to better substantiate our Knowledge towards its culture-historical technological developments through time and space. In addition, land-use pattern and subsistence strategy of hunter-gatherers is also be central to my research theme vis-à-vis the environmental dynamism of the Late Pleistocene-Holocene period.

Activités / CV

The Late Pleistocene-Holocene (Commonly  called  « Later Stone Age ») hunter-gatherers technological adaptation and subsistence strategy from the region of Ethiopia and Horn: the implication of the Late Pleistocene environmental dynamism on the subsistence economy and land-use pattern of the hunter-gatherer.


Between 2007 and 2008 teaching experience in Higher 23 Preparatory School as History teacher
Between 2008 and 2016 in the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Ethiopia at different position as:
- Heritage registration, study, standardization and information service exper
- Cultural Heritage inventory expert
- Movable Cultural Heritage inventory and data analysis Expert
- Senior Curator of Prehistoric Archaeology (2013 to now)


2015 - Archaeological excavation in the Later Stone Age site of Bulbula River and Agadimacave with Ethio-French Later Stone Age Sequence Project (Between Nov. and Oct)
2015 - Archaeological excavation at Maryam Anza historical site, Northern Ethiopia, with British archaeological team (from April 12th to May 18th, 2015)
2014 - Field School and excursion at prehistoric sites along Danube River in Southern Germany, Northern Austria and Czech Republic (from July 16th to August 3rd,2014)
2012 - Survey at Ziway-Langano Middle and Later Stone age sites in Central Ethiopia, in December 2012
2012 - Archaeological and paleontological survey, excavation and field school at Hadar paleontological and archaeological site, North-east Ethiopia, with American project team (from October 12th to November 17th, 2012)
2010 - Archaeological excavation at Chelba - Tututi burial site in Southern Ethiopia, along with French archaeological team (from November 14thto, December 13th,2010)


2016 - “TheTerminal Pleistocene Archaeological Record from Ethiopia: Lithic Analysis of B1s1 Site, Main Ethiopian Rift”. Presented on the 23rd Biennial meeting of Society of Africanist Archaeologist, Toulouse, France.
2016 - Bon et al.,“Prehistoric Archaeology in the Lakes Region of Ethiopia (Ziway, Langano, Abijata). Contribution to the Establishment of the Late Stone Age Sequence in East Africa” Presented Poster on the 23rd Biennial meeting of Society of Africanist Archaeologist, Toulouse, France.
2014 - “Ethiopia’s Contribution to Biological and Cultural Evolutions of human” Presented in the University of Cologne, Germany, Institute of Prehistory summer Seminar.

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