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Thèmes de recherche

Giulia has recently finished her doctoral thesis at the University of California, Davis on a zooarchaeological perspective of Neanderthal fire using behaviors. She utilizes burnt and heated fauna to extrapolate information about the burning conditions of archaeological fires, with the overall goal to better describe and understand hominin fire use. She has studied several Neanderthal Middle Paleolithic fire features with traditional zooarchaeological methodologies as well as spectroscopic techniques, such as FTIR-ATR and XRD, to describe the chemical and structural changes to thermally altered bone. Giulia’s research also has a large experimental component, investigating the impact of burning temperatures, duration, and how heat travels through substrates on faunal assemblages.

Giulia is a recipient of a Fyssen Foundation Post-doctoral study grant to continue her research on Neanderthal fire technology at the TRACES lab under the direction of Emmanuel Discamps, specifically to study the burnt Middle Paleolithic faunal assemblages of Le Moustier.

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