The emergence of monumental architecture in Atlantic Europe: a fortified fifth-millennium BC enclosure in western France

Publié le 28 février 2023 Mis à jour le 1 mars 2023
du 28 février 2023 au 4 mars 2023

Un article de V. Ard et al.

The earliest monumentality in Western Europe is associated with megalithic structures, but where did the builders of these monuments live? Here, the authors focus on west-central France, one of the earliest centres of megalithic building in Atlantic Europe, commencing in the mid fifth millennium BC. They report on an enclosure at Le Peu (Charente), dated to the Middle Neolithic (c. 4400 BC), and defined by a ditch with two ‘crab claw’ entrances and a double timber palisade flanked by two timber structures—possibly defensive bastions. Inside, timber buildings—currently the earliest known in the region—were possibly home to the builders of the nearby Tusson long mounds.