Gods in the House. Anthropology of Roman Housing – II

Publié le 2 mai 2023 Mis à jour le 16 mai 2023
du 3 mai 2023 au 10 mai 2023

Un ouvrage publié sous la direction de A. Dardenay et L. Bricault

The archaeological excavations conducted from one end of the Mediterranean zone to the other have illuminated the place of gods in the ritual practices in the dwellings of the Graeco-Roman era. The discovery of multiple artefacts, dedicated spaces, and figurative paintings support new avenues of historical, anthropological, and social reflection with the aim of better understanding domestic religious practices in the polytheistic contexts of antiquity. This collective volume organizes those reflections around three axes.
The first axis centres on identifying the deities that were favoured in domestic sanctuaries. Which gods are represented and which are not? The second axis concerns the interrelationships evident within domestic ritual spaces and sanctuaries. The third axis is dedicated to the anthropology of rituals. Lines of inquiry informed by anthropological, social, and phenomenological approaches are assuming ever-greater importance in scholarship on Antiquity. It is from this perspective that the authors explore the role that domestic ritual spaces play in shaping the lived environment.