ESOF - Press tour humanities - Visite de la plateforme ArchéoScience le 12 juillet 2018

Publié le 10 juillet 2018 Mis à jour le 12 juillet 2018
le 12 juillet 2018

Le 12 juillet, le laboratoire TRACES accueillera les journalistes du "PRESS TOUR HUMANITIES" pour une visite de la plateforme ArchéoScience dans le cadre de l'ESOF 2018

From past to future
With TRACES, discover the Archaeology of the XXIst century :
New challenges, new methods, new tools

From assessment to excavation, archeology has taken the turn of the 21st century, using both remote sensing tools, like satellites and drones, as well as spatial analysis and geophysical methods.

The TRACES laboratory (jointly operated by the French National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS, and the Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès) invites you to discover their research work on the Mirail campus of the Université Toulouse -Jean Jaurès.

The ArchéoScience platform, created in 2015, is the shared work tool of this research center. It iscomposed of 13 elements including technical platforms, material repositories (Archeotheques), a resource center etc. Its purpose is to open up to a large scientific community, both regional, nationaland international.The TRACES laboratory is one of the members who founded the GIS Micro-drones (ISAE Supaero -ONERA - ENAC – LAAS-CNRS -IMFT - LAPLACE -CNRS-GAME - GEODE) which is attached to the global competitiveness cluster Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems.

The GIS promotes a mutual knowledge of research activities which are carried out sometimes in isolation in the different laboratories or research groups.It is set to coordinate means or methods for publications or joint responses to a call for projects, through in particular the hosting of visiting researchers, and to ensure national and European academic visibility to the research projects conducted by its members in the field of Micro-Drones through the organization of workshops or conferences.

Programme de la visite ici / Program here :