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le 15 décembre 2017



African Archaeological Review

Volume 34, Issue 4, December 2017
Special Issue: The Role of North Africa in the Emergence and Development of Modern Behaviors: An Integrated Approach
Issue Editors: Emilie Campmas, Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Aicha Oujaa, Eleanor Scerri

Sommaire :
1. Introduction, The Role of North Africa in the Emergence and Development of Modern Behaviors: An Integrated Approach, Emilie Campmas, Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Aicha Oujaa…, Pages 447-449
2. Dedication, Tribute to André Debénath (1st April 1940–2nd June 2016), Roland Nespoulet, Mohamed Abdeljalil El Hajraoui, Pages 451-452
3. Adaptations and Dispersals of Anatomically Modern Humans in the Changing Environments of North Africa: the Contribution of Microvertebrates, Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Pages 453-468
4. Integrating Human-Animal Relationships into New Data on Aterian Complexity: a Paradigm Shift for the North African Middle Stone Age, Emilie Campmas, Pages 469-491
5. The Pleistocene of Rabat (Morocco): Mollusks, Coastal Environments and Human Behavior, Amel Chakroun, Driss Chahid, Larbi Boudad, Emilie Campmas…, Pages 493-510
6. The Fossil Human from Rabat-Kébibat (Morocco): Comparative Study of the Cranial and Mandibular Fragments, Aicha Oujaa, Julie Arnaud, Morgane Bardey-Vaillant…, Pages 511-523
7. From Aterian Notch to Aterian Tang: How to Make a Technological Invention, Serena Falzetti, Elena A.A. Garcea, Cristina Lemorini…, Pages 525-541
8. Lithic Economy and Specialized Activities Among the Iberomaurusian Populations of Tamar Hat Rockshelter (Northeastern Algeria), Latifa Sari, Kyung-Jin Kim, Pages 543-556

Book Review, R.J. McIntosh, S.K. McIntosh & H. Boucoum (Eds.): The Search for Takrur. Archaeological Excavations and Reconnaissance along the Middle Senegal Valley, Nikolas Gestrich, Pages 557-559
Book Review, Simon J. Holdaway and Wileke Wendrich: The Desert Fayum Reinvestigated: The Early to Mid-Holocene Landscape Archaeology of the Fayum North Shore, Egypt, G. J. Tassie, Pages 561-564
Book Review, Liza Gijanto: The Life of Trade: Events and Happenings in Niumi’s Atlantic Center, Sirio Canós-Donnay, Pages 565-566
ISSN: 0263-0338 (Print) 1572-9842 (Online)





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